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Juventus Academy London

How Juventus used digital media and consumer sentiment to establish a new summer academy in multiple locations in London.


Juventus Football Club is a professional football club based in Turin, Italy. Due to their domination of the Italian market and the beautiful game, they have a large international following. They are leaders in sporting innovation and regularly run worldwide summer academies to give back to the community, boosting their brand awareness. 


Increasing awareness of the new London Academy


Fan and parent relations are crucial in football and coaching sector, so a key marketing challenge for Juventus was finding ways to establish demand for the London Academy and convert this into valuable sign-ups.

The club felt they were not reaching potential customers via their own marketing channels and were not monitoring the reputation of the brand, so they turned to TIFY to explore the possibilities of ethical consumer data analytics.


An ethical solution


Using an ethics first model, TIFY was able to monitor social media posts to understand consumer sentiment. As Juventus was launching new academies in London, they asked for consumer feedback on the previous and current marketing efforts.


"TIFY has given us unique analysis and insight into our social platforms. This has helped us unsure we are not working blind with our social media efforts and ensuring we can set and track clear KPI’s for each platform”

                                                                                      Callum Hosier, Marketing Director


The initial outcomes have been very positive, with the launch campaign selling out within 2 weeks of launch and reduction the marketing expenditure by 75%. As a result, a second and third location for the academy were established to keep up with the growing demand. With TIFY’s location mode, Juventus was able to use digital media monitoring to identify high-demand locations where to establish new academies .


For Juventus, this wasn’t just about monitoring one-off marketing campaigns; instead, this was about dynamically and strategically monitor their brand  reputations as they began a new operations.

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