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What is sentiment analysis?

Updated: May 3, 2019

Sentiment analysis is a field of study that investigates the opinions, attitudes and emotions of people towards different entities, such as products, organisations, and individuals. Since personal opinions are central to human behaviour and the choices made regarding purchasing products and services, it is crucial for companies to research the overall customer sentiment. Therefore, this type of analysis has found a substantial application in most modern businesses’ decision making process, as by mining these opinions they can find what people think about their brand and their products in real time.

For businesses, conducting large scale surveys and focus groups, is not necessary as all the required information is already publicly available. However, extracting knowledge from this information is a formidable task due to the sheer volume available. No single individual could obtain this knowledge by themselves and summarise the results, hence automated sentiment analysis powered by machine learning algorithms has become the industry standard.

As mentioned before, sentiment analysis has spread far beyond the field of computer science due to its importance in businesses. The growing importance of sentiment analysis coincides with the growth of the availability of social media data. But due to the recent social media analysis scandals, for example, the “Cambridge Analytica Scandal”, the general public is more hesitant towards social media sentiment analysis. They demand a more ethical approach towards these kinds of analytical studies.

That demand is why TIFY was created. Our goal is to supply any business with an easy-to-use brand monitoring tool, which allows for social media monitoring efficiently and ethically.

Curious about our product?

Download our sample report and feel free to contact us with any questions:



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