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We're Hiring !

Role: Marketing Intern

We are looking for an energetic and self-motivated Marketing Intern to join our growing team!

  • Location: Maastricht, Netherlands and Central London, United Kingdom.

  • Term: full-time (38 hours per week), 4-6 months contract

  • Reporting to: CEO and CMO, Tify

What is TIFY?

Tify is a software solution to revolutionize data management so that social media is not just commercially impact but ethical. We do so through 3 programs:

EVALUATE data visualisation to ensure analysis is valuable.
DESIGN user experiences to ensure that visualisations are impactful as well as easy to read.
DEVELOP a system to ensure that user privacy is a priority in data science.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Perform market analysis and research on the latest trends.

  • Design and present new social media campaign ideas.

  • Monitor all social media platforms for trending news, ideas, and feedback.

  • Research and evaluate competitor marketing and digital content.

  • Contribute to the creation of mock-ups, email campaigns, and social media content.

Perks of the role

  • Constant learning from our company ecosystem and new emerging technologies

  • Scope to be creative and make a change within the data and computer science community

  • Engagement with a wide variety of people, ranging from policy makers to practitioners

Our requirements:

  • Some experience with Marketing, Communications or similar field.

  • Familiarity with marketing computer software and social media platforms.

  • Good understanding of the latest marketing trends and techniques.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Must have a passion for marketing.

  • Outstanding multitasking abilities

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